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About The Sunday Thought

This is a part of Hiscoming Ministries which was started back in 1999 to preach and teach Biblical Prophecy for these END TIMES. The Sunday Thought started as a branch of Hiscoming Ministries in 2001. At the beginning it was just a Biblical text that I sent out each week to our supporters, but it has since grown to what it is today, a two page sermonette on varied Biblical subjects, but with the emphasis on prophecy.

We are praying that through this new site, we may increase our already large mailing list as we feel it is extremely important in these END TIMES to teach what God is saying through His precious word in our day.

I receive many e-mails of support each week, and they tell me of an absence of of true BIBLICAL TEACHING on the END TIMES in Churches today.

This is a very sad situation and we pray that this new web site will go some way in filling this gap.

You can do two things to help.

  1. Sign up to receive The Sunday Thought each Sunday morning in your mailbox.

  2. Tell others about this site, and encourage them to sign up too.

It costs nothing to receive THE SUNDAY THOUGHT God bless!

About Pastor Keith Brown

I am not overloaded with this world’s goods, but what I have you can take away, as long as you leave me a set of clothes to wear AND MY BIBLE! Because my BIBLE is the most precious thing that I own.

Fortunately, when I went to school (a long time ago now!) we had a R.E teacher who took his job very seriously. He was a Jew, and loved his Old Testament. He made us boys learn by heart many Psalms and other wonderful passages of scripture that have never left me. Oh how I wish there were teachers like him in schools today!

So I had these precious passages from God’s word deeply ingrained in my heart, but sadly, the Bible still didn’t make sense to me. I wondered what my godly parents ever saw in that book, which was central in our home as I grew up.

Into my teens and like most teenagers of the day, pop groups and music where the big thing in my life,God was on the back burner. He wasn’t important to me, even though I still went to Church with my parents, BUT HE NEVER WENT AWAY!

When I finally got saved at the age of nineteen, suddenly the clouds scatters, the veil was lifted, and God’s word made sense. As I grew as a baby Christian, the word of God became ever more precious. Today, I wouldn’t swop it for the world!

So it wasn’t hard, when God called me to expound and teach His precious word, and although I never sought such a ministry, the Holy Spirit made it clear that that was where He was leading me.

So today, I can send out to you and many, many others worldwide, these little sermonettes that I know God gives me week by week. I pray that you will be blessed and challenged as they drop into your mail box early every Sunday morning.